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Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year! January Resolution

Happy 2008 everyone. I hope this year brings you all much peace, happiness and new knowledge.

I don't ever remember making New Year's resolutions. I always thought 'why wait until the new year to better myself?' However, this year there is so much I want to accomplish, yet trying to do it all in one shot will be self-defeating and pointless. It's hard to bring new things into your life, especially without establishing a plan.

Many of my goals are health and wellness related. And in my opinion, life changes need to be done gradually and one at a time. After all, they are intended to be permanent. Doesn't it take something like 28 days to form a new habit? So, this year, I have decided to establish monthly resolutions (man, I'm having trouble typing that word today!)

How will I be held accountable? By making my goals and plans public and reporting on them. And, I hope I can inspire someone out there to start making healthy changes to their life as well. Journey along with me each month or create your own monthly goal.

My resolution for January is to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. On Saturday I am going to purchase a pretty, eco-friendly, non-toxic water bottle (metal I suppose?), that I can carry around with me. This will serve as a reminder to drink, drink, drink, in a way that I can enjoy.

I think of my toddler walking around the house with his sippy cup full of water, constantly, almost without thought, drinking from it. He's probably the best-hydrated person I know. This will be my big, adult sippy cup.


Kristi said...

That's a great goal. I need to drink more water myself, it's just that I hate drinking it. I know that sounds funny, but I much prefer coffee and diet soda, which is not exactly healthy. Good luck with your monthly goals! We can keep eachother accountable. :)

Tracey said...

Good idea. A goal a month! I love it. Also, the water one is something that is reachable, unlike "I want to run 10 miles a day!" when you never jog at all, you know?