"Noah was a brave man to sail in a wooden boat with two termites." - Anonymous

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Final Frontier

Seen this?

Apparently yesterday in Calgary there was an information session.

Would you go? (Assuming of course, you a had a fairly sizable disposable income)

I was thinking about this morning. I'm not sure I would.

Oh, yes, I'm a sci-fi geek. Sometimes Often Hubs shakes his head at me...as I quote...Star Trek...

I grew up watching Star Trek, the original Battlestar Gallactica. I love Star Trek! Stargate! Firefly! I read geeky books like The Philosophy of Star Trek and The Physics of Star Trek! I have Spock quotes on my blog, for Pete's sake! I encourage my oldest son's love of the solar system! My younger son sits and watches the opening credits of Voyager with me! I argue with my boss about Star Trek vs. Star Wars!

There's a universe of possibilities out there. I'm just not convinced I was meant to fly in a space ship.

Inquiring mind wants to know...what do you think? Too early? More testing required? Or would you jump on with both feet?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December 1st

Can you believe it?

Has this year just flown by for you too?

In a single breath, I am full of excitement for the Christmas season, a bit of stress for all I want to accomplish over the next 24 days, and anxiety for strained relationships that seem to have magnified lately.

Hubs is in Toronto at a conference. I am taking the day off tomorrow to try and get some decorations up in the house and run a myriad of errands. And have a day of sanity before my VP head off to Hawaii for 3 weeks.

Family members have been changing their Christmas plans and it looks like it may just be us and our parents for Christmas Day this year. And maybe my brother. I'm tossing around the idea of having Christmas dinner at our house, something we haven't done since we were first married (9 Christmases ago!) We can handle 7 adults and 2 children in our house. A far cry from a possible 14 adults and 7 children. That gets a little crazy, especially in the winter when of going outside for any significant period of time isn't a real option.

So, have you made your Christmas plans? Do you surround yourself with family? Or escape from reality for a while?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Books, Books, and More Books.

So, at lunch today after a conversation with a friend about cookbooks, I logged into my Chapters-Indigo wish list.

I counted the books.

I counted them again.



Yep, 54 books (actually I think there's now 56, as I've just added a couple more).

And those are just the ones I don't mind admitting to people that I would like to read. And the ones I've actually remembered to include, so I don't forget I want to read them, and get to the bookstore, and flounder amongst the shelves because there's. Simply. Too. Much. Choice.

My brain shuts down.

Obviously I'm adding books faster than I can purchase/borrow and read them, since last year there was only 30 listed.

It's a varied list: historical fiction, philosophy, classics, science fiction, non-fiction, cooking, humour, biographies, financial, science, poetry, gardening, homekeeping. There's a whole world of books out there to enjoy! I'm not picky! Well, I'm not into westerns or romance. 

I think part of the problem is the reading. I've got about six books at home waiting to be read. But, between technical papers, textbooks for night school, and bedtime stories, I find myself not having a lot of time for leisure reading.

So, what kind of books are on your reading list? Any recommendations? Because I obviously don't mind adding to this list. What books are you absolutely in love with?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pushing Those Buttons

This picture describes them perfectly. The contemplative one, and the active one.

My boys can be polar opposites. Yet, they are the same in so many ways as well.

But boy, can that little boy ever push his older brother's buttons.

One day the oldest was colouring his papers on the floor. He's a serious artist. Don't mess with the markers, man. Spread out all over the small room. Wails like a banshee when his younger brother steps on the papers.

I calmly ask the younger boy to stop stepping on his brother's papers, and remind the older one that he can't spread out like that. He has to leave space for people to walk through.

My little quiet one walks back through the kitchen, gets to the table (where I am sitting), turns around, and takes off at a run towards his brother's artwork, and does a bum-slide right through all the paper.

Can you imagine how hard it was to not laugh, and discipline him? Never once did he utter a word. Not even a grunt or mumble.

When I relayed the story to hubs, he replied that one day our oldest is just going to wind up and clock his little brother. The trouble he'll get into will be worth it for him.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Still My Baby

As I rock him in his darkened room, his eyes slowly close. He's fighting it. Fighting the nap he desparately needs. Not everyday, but definitely today.

He's almost two and a half.

But his hands, feet, and cheeks still have that baby fat.

As he succumbs to sleep, his hands curl into the loose fists I fondly remember. One small hand wrapped around my finger. The other brings his stuffie closer to his nose.

His breathing deepens, I feel his whole body relax.

And I relax, lean back, and close my eyes. Enjoying a moment that doesn't happen very often any more. The laundry and cleaning can wait five, ten, fifteen minutes.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Venture

Check it out! And be kind. Please.

...Is My Two Front Teeth

No, I still have those, thankyouverymuch. In a completely (and not unprecedented) selfish moment, and since Hubs doesn't like presenting me with things I need, only things I want, I now bring you:

All I Want For Christmas Is...
  1. A cast iron fry pan. A cherry red Le Creuset would be the bomb. Another Le Creuset French Oven would be awesome too. Even a plain ol' black $25 cast iron fry pan would be welcome. Why? Because for the past 9 years, I've been dying to make true skillet cornbread.
  2. A wooden citrus reamer.
  3. French Taste, by Laura Calder (Yay Canada!)
  4. Vij's by Vikram Vij (Yay, again, Canada!)
  5. A black Lady Dior purse (I have been coveting this since the first time we went to Las Vegas and I spotted it in the Bellagio Dior store)*
  6. A Paderno saute pan  (Once again, Yay to the Great White North!)
  7. A copper bowl**
  8. Wine tumblers - not like the stylin' Riedel ones, but earthy, solid, won't-blow-over-on-the-patio-table wine tumblers
  9. Novels, food books, geeky books
  10. World peace***
So, tell me, what's on your wish list this year?

*If this is actually beneath the tree, I will oscillate between sheer bliss and wanting to kill him for spending so much money. Since he knows me so well, I doubt this will be under the tree.

**Anybody know where in Canada to find a decent one of these without having to remortgage my house?

***Couldn't resist throwing that one on there. But, really, do I need to wait for Christmas to wish for this?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where the Heart Is

Gah! Almost 3 whole weeks of no blogging!

Lots of "Gee, I need to remember this and blog about it..." and "Won't this be great to write about..." Gone. Gone forever.

It's been crazy at work. I'm trying to think of what has happened in my life over the past 3 weeks.

  • Work,
  • School work,
  • House work (yeah, right!),
  • Cooking (OK, a bit more believable than house work),
  • Making Christmas cards,
  • Hanging with my boys, and
  • Date night with hubs.
How was your Halloween, faithful readers? I spent mine at the office, trying to get some stuff out the door to a major client by Sunday. Big shout out to my peeps, those faithful engineers who were in there with me, making sure all the drafts were oh, so professional and such. You guys rock. You really do.

Hubs took the boys down to Lethbridge to go trick-or-treating with their cousins. Wolverine, Spiderman, Batman, and Pablo (one of these things is not like the others...) all went out for a candy fix.

Sounds like the start of a good joke...Wolverine, Spiderman, and Batman walk into a bar...

Anyway, they had a blast. Ended up spending the night, which was good, because I was back in the office on Sunday morning. I actually kind of like going to the office on weekends. Nice and quiet. I actually am able to get work done.

I don't feel like I've missed out a whole lot though, just a little bit. You see, Wolverine decided to stay around (the old blue and yellow Wolverine, not the new black one, if you're geeky like me and was wondering), and occasionally Pablo's head reappears. Awesome. At least the costumes are getting put to good use.

Speaking of which, I finally got to drool over Hugh Jackman watch Wolverine: Origins last night. Thank you Hubs. You're awesome.

Today I took the oldest to church and to the zoo. Just some Mum-Son time. It was great. The plan is to do it with the youngest in a couple of weeks.

For now, it's just nice to have some time at home to catch up on this! I've missed being here, only checking in during stolen moments.   

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Best Policy

A couple of weeks ago, Jen from 3 Little Monkeys gave me my first ever blog award.

Yay! Bloggy bling!

We're supposed to list 10 honest things about ourselves. And then pass along the award. So, here goes...

1) I am not a patient person. Anything that impedes my progress throughout the day results in much grumbling, muttering and general cantankerousness. Thankfully, I'm also not an outspoken person, otherwise I'm sure I would have been taken down by some large biker dude long ago. I tend to keep my opinions of how inefficiency and disorganization are at the core of everything that is wrong with the world to myself.

2) This being the case, my children are often at the receiving end of my mutterings and grumblings. "Come on", "Let's get going, please", and "Eye on the ball!" are often heard around our house in the morning. Because, let's face it, children are not known for their efficiency. At least mine aren't.

3) I love my job. When I graduated with a Geology degree 10 years ago, I never dreamed I would be supervising a team of 2 engineers and a junior geologist. I never dreamed I would be spending less than 25% of my time in a geological role, learning more and more about engineering and management every day. And enjoying it. I've got some great young people working with me.

4) I love my company. I graduated in April of 1999 and joined them in October of the same year after a brief stint at my Dad's small oil & gas company. I haven't looked back. Not once have I thought I would have it better finding oil and gas than being a consultant. They have believed in me, they've walked beside me as a junior geologist, to professional and senior geologist, to supervisor, and to partner. They had the faith in me to ask me to invest alongside them and help take the company to the next stage as the original partners start to retire. I cannot express what that says to me.

5) I am a morning person. I chatter, I bounce, I annoy Hubs and my night-owl friends. I want to have in-depth conversations about the passing priority on the Autobahn. I can often do this without the aid of caffeine. When we drive to work in the morning, I am often shushed in favour of the sports report. Sad.

6) I can watch Food TV all the live long day. I love them all (well, ok, except for the 'reality shows'. And Rachel Ray). French Food at Home, Barefoot Contessa, The Main, Fresh, Chef at Home...I could go on for pages. Canada has such great kitchen talent (yes, I know Ms. Garten isn't Canadian, but the rest of the list is!)

7) I'm a bit of an Okanagan wine slut. If it has the BC VQA label, I'm all over that bottle. None of this Niagra stuff for me. Hey, Canada has great wines! BC has great wines!

8) I am scared of clowns. They creep me out to no end. Oddly, Cirque du Soleil clowns don't. But, a rainbow afro, giant red shoes and colorful clothes? Gah! And don't get me started on the haunted casino clown on Freemont Street in Las Vegas two weeks ago.

9) I love, love, love having two sons. No, we are not planning to "try for a girl". No, I don't want "one of each". I am looking forward to years of Lego, comic book superheroes, and sci-fi geekdom.

10) I want a tattoo. I know exactly what it is, and where it should be. But I refuse to do it until I have lost some weight. About 35 to 40 pounds to be exact. Hey, I've lost 2! I'm on my way!

Thanks for sticking around! Now, to pass along the award. I always enjoy reading what these ladies have to say. I hope you do too:

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In class we learned about personality types, and the different testing that determines them. Myers-Brigg, True Colours, all those sorts of tests.

I remember taking a Myers-Brigg test back in Grade 11 (ack! 18 years ago!). I don't remember what I scored, what my personality combination was. When I look at the definitions now, and take the protracted test, I think I would probably be INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).

In class we did a shortened Insight Colour Energies exercise. I ended up as a "Cool Blue", again Introverted Thinking, analytical, detailed, objective, etc.

I also know my True Colours "Gold" designation. The Organizer, purposeful, respectful, details-oriented. We did this at work a number of months ago as a team-building exercise. A company full of Organized Thinkers.

Each time I take one of these tests, I find myself attempting to fit Hubs into one of the slots. He did Myers-Briggs at work. I don't remember his full designation, but he's definitely one of the 'E' crowd - Extroverted.

See, we're opposites, him and I. Hubs gets his energy from being around people, I need a lot of downtime. He's spontaneous, I am an intense planner (so much so that the other day he voiced his concern that I was developing OCD). He is creative in the kitchen. I need to follow a recipe at least the first time, if not more. He dives into projects headfirst, I need to have a roadmap, an outline, some sort of timeline.

On some level I've always known I'm an introvert, but never really knew what that meant. Often I would wonder why I had trouble striking up conversations at parties, public speaking can keep me awake for many nights in nervous anticipation. I always thought there was something wrong with me. Hubs never has trouble talking about his feelings, and often thinks I'm not being as open with him as I should be.

A couple of articles sent to me by a close (introverted) friend recently really spoke to me, and since then I've embraced my introversion. I am proud of who I am, my quiet. I have few very close friends and that suits me just fine. You will never find me on Twitter because I don't think the world needs to know what's on my mind every quarter hour that I'm awake. Besides, I don't think I could keep any tweets short enough. I am an in depth analyzer. Sometimes to a point of detriment.

But, I'm okay with that.

Look Better in the Shade

Cars, cars, cars.

Estimates of how many cars were there ranged from just under 900 to around 1,100, depending on who you talked to. Due to the terrain and the flora, I have yet to find a good spot to take a picture of the whole event. However, the local paper usually has a good view.

The driving range of the Radium Springs Golf Course was turned into a parking lot for one day, and they sure packed 'em in. We were right near the 150 yard marker (well, my Dad and Hubs were). My father drove out his blue 1957 Chevrolet BelAir convertible, while Hubs drove out his brother's Corvette (Z06, I believe). One of those orange-brown-metallic-bronze colours that's hard to describe, and I can never remember the factory name for it. My Corvette, having come down with a case of "Dead-As-A-Doorknob Battery" Syndrome was left at my parents' home. A new battery for a leisure car is not in our budget this year.

My brother-in-law's Corvette.

Trying to be artistic.

My brother drove up Dad's Mid-Life Crisis, but arrived late and was near the back of the driving range. I never made it over to take a picture.

My Mum and I took the boys for a couple of hours to see all the cars. Beautiful paint jobs, gelato, gorgeous weather and scenery, friendly and fun people. Although, next year I will opt out and stay home with the boys. It's not fun trying to keep a four and two year old from touching the pretty cars. And the owners kind of frown on it too (unless you're naked). But, oh, wow, the attention to detail on some of these beauties. (And now, Blogger has decided that my photo-add button should stop working.)

Saw a great baby tee though, at one of the kiosks:

"I spent 9 months renovating my womb and the family kicked me out!"

Priceless. I wish I had seen that when my boys were small enough for it to be cute.

We also celebrated my brother's birthday, and his wife came up from L.A. for the weekend. A nice little family reunion (sans my brother's daughter) in the mountains.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

I just happened to look and see that two years ago I started this blog! September 20, 2007 was my very first post. (Though I see now that the type colour didn't update along with the rest of my blog. Thanks Blogger!) I've had times where my posting drops off significantly, but lately I've been really enjoying putting my thoughts out there. And I love the comments. Thanks! And keep them coming!

I've also been really enjoying my daily blog rounds! I love reading your blogs! It's especially great when I stumble across a new blog that captures my attention and becomes a new daily favourite.

So, here's to another great year! May all the world be an inspiration!

P.S. My new gadget? The Spock Quotes on my sidebar. Not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Gadget

(Sigh) Yes, I'm a geek.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was feeling nostalgic tonight and was browsing around my iPhoto files after paying some bills. I came across two pictures of my oldest son that I absolutely love. I feel they capture his mischevious, playful personality, even at such a young age.

The first one is at about 2.5 months. This fabulously soft Winnie the Pooh "blanket" that my Mum bought when she found out I was pregnant quickly became a favourite. He still has that smile today. I think he's got one of the best smiles in the world, but perhaps I'm biased.

This picture is a couple months later, about 4.5 months. Not staged, he did this himself, soon after he learned to roll around. He still gets that stunned look on his face that just cracks me up.

And, this is where we're off to this weekend. The annual Radium Car Show. Every year a few hundred cars descend on Radium, British Columbia, and park on the driving range at the golf course for a show and shine. Unlike most shows that tend towards strictly classic cars, all sorts of makes and models can be seen here. Old, new, import, domestic. The Mercedes Benz convertible in front
is my Dad's. That was his mid-life crisis. The '79 Corvette is mine, a university graduation present from my parents.

The yellow '57 Chevy BelAir behind that also belongs to my Dad. That was his first car. My parents dated in that car. It was our wedding car. It originally belonged to his father. My Dad has a whole gaggle of '57 Chevy BelAirs in his garage, in various states of repair. This year he'll be driving out the blue convertible, which he recently finished.

It's the first time we've been out there since 2005 for the car show. I'm excited to take the boys, especially our youngest. His head will explode at all the "beepums".

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will This Do?

Okay, it's moments like this when I feel like a horrible mother.

Our oldest son has been in school for almost two full weeks now. And I still have not taken a picture of him in all his finery. You know, backpack, new jeans, new runners, new jacket.

I don't remember my Mum taking our picture on the first day of school when I was growing up. Ever. Maybe she did though. I'll have to ask her. Maybe she only did it when we were really young. But, I think I would have remember at least seeing the pictures. I've seen all the other pictures of my childhood. And I remember them pretty well.

So, for now, here is a picture from last year. He's gone from two mornings a week to four full days a week. I've gone from preparing two snacks a week to four lunches and eight snacks a week.

I go back to school on Monday too. Night classes for a management certificate. The company's paying. Maybe I'll get Hubs to take my picture.

Friday, September 4, 2009


I had to post this quickly before settling in to work.

My baby boy used the toilet this morning!

I'm trying not to get too excited, but could this be it? Is the end of diapers near?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Can YOU Find Your Way Out?

A couple weeks ago we took the boys here. It's hotter than we seem to be used to, and the previous weekend was an experience in cabin fever, as it was the first weekend at home in months. So, on Friday I sent hubs and e-mail "I know what we're doing on Sunday!" (thank you SavvyMom for the brilliant idea).

My three boys, searching for clues.

Petting the barnyard residents (our oldest dressed himself that morning...black shorts, navy shirt, Batman sunhat...stylin'!)

The BEST slide EVER!!!

It's corn season at last. Those golden sweet ears, so juicy. We're corn snobs. It's the only time of year we eat corn. If it ain't fresh and from Taber, it ain't worth it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life Is A Highway

After returning from our respective vacations, Jennifer from 3 Little Monkeys asked me how our boys did on the road trip.

I have to admit, I love our portable DVD player. We bought it for a trip to Winnipeg a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. Our vehicle doesn't have the built-in option, and I'm kind of glad. Our boys know that the DVD player only comes out for long hauls (minimum two hours).

They're pretty good about it too. They usually have no problem about us turning it off, or if it goes kind of wonky (it's kind of a cheapy one). There's never been any arguments about what to watch. Of course, when you're two, and can't speak the best, you kind of go along with what your older brother wants to do.

And I kind of enjoy listening to the movies too. We've gone from Baby Einstein to Backyardigans, to the Wiggles. As a person who loves to sing, I am kind of drawn to Bckyardigans and the Wiggles. Now our oldest is in full-on Disney/Dreamworks mode. I have to say Cars is my favourite. No Disney princesses for us.

So, that, along with lots of healthy snacks, lots of water, and some treats, gets us through the long trips. Edmonton and beyond, the Columbia Valley, and now Kelowna. In October it will be Canora, Saskatchewan. When the boys have exhausted their books, are through with the toys, the DVD player carries us through.

We're making a concious effort to get the boys used to road trips. Our two big goals are to drive down to San Diego, and to drive Route 66. I don't enjoy doing 10-hour hauls that often, like we did coming home from Kelowna and like we'll be doing to Canora. For the two long trips in the future, I'm envisioning us driving for the morning, check into a motel, hang out and explore for the rest of the day, and then continue on in the morning.

Making it about the journey, not the destination (how profound!)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Procrastination, Lovely Procrastination

Hubs had an "EDO" yesterday. Earned Day Off. They work an extra 30 minutes every day and get a day off once every three weeks. Pretty nice.

So, on Thursday he offered to take the boys out to Fairmont for the weekend, giving me the weekend to spend as I like. Yay, right?

Well, maybe not so much.

See, I have trouble spontaneously going out. If I had known, say a month ago, that I would have an empty weekend, it would have been easy to fill. But give me a day, and the spontaneous-fun portion of my brain freezes. Uh...wha...? I have complete freedom? Huh? Can't compute.

So, what usually ends up happening is I turn into total sloth-girl and catch up on my PVR shows. Or, I make (yet another) attempt to declutter and organize, get frustrated, and end up turning into total sloth-girl, catching up on my PVR shows. Either way hubs is happy, because I've either a) gotten some much needed relaxation, or b) cleaned at least a little bit but still gotten some much needed relaxation.

But not this weekend. I really was going to get that decluttering done (as done as it can be for a weekend). Because the other day I walked into the house and lost it. Shoes, coats, toy cars, bags, papers everywhere. Overflowing recycling bin, markers strewn across the floor. After a long day at the office, it felt like total chaos.

Basically we've become lazy about our every day picking up and tidying. And I'm convinced a big part of it has to do with the fact that we have too much crap!!!

(Wow, I just noticed that I completely got off-track from what I had been planning on writing...)

So, yes, I was going to work. It was going to be a nice balance between working on the house and relaxing, giving myself nice little breaks.

Then, on Friday afternoon I realized how much work is on my desk at the office. All those properties that I need to review and get back to the engineers, so that they have time to make their corrections before the client starts screaming for results. Those client contact lists I need to review and send in updates to the admin staff. The e-mails that need to be sent, updating my boss on what's gone down in his absence.

And, on early Friday evening, after the COO popped his head in my office and told me to go home, I did. With a full briefcase. Because I'm going to log-in from home and work. Because then I can at least still do laundry.

But, for now I'm procrastinating, writing on my blog.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Holiday Recap

We're back. And we had a blast. We saw so much of the British Columbia interior, much of it we hadn't spent much time in since we were children. It was so fun to see it with our boys. What a beautiful part of the country. The weather was fantastic, it was not crowded for most of our stay (surprisingly), and our accomodations were first-class.

We started out from Lethbridge, after our nephew's christening. A view of the southern Alberta windfarms from the highway near Pincher Creek is getting to be a familiar sight. We headed north to spend the night at a cabin in Windermere.

A long drive ahead of us, setting out from Windermere, passing through Golden, Rogers Pass (the disputed highest altitude spot on Highway 1), and Revelstoke (including numerous municipalities that consist of a church and a house or two, and possibly evidence of a once busy mining or forestry industry). Driving near railway for much of the trip, this was our only train sighting! This one was spotted across the lake (river widening?) from Three Valley Gap.

Continuing through Sicamous, past the Shuswap Lake region, and though Vernon, we arrived in Kelowna and took possession of our condo. This is the view from our balcony. 17th floor! Whoot! Beautiful. It's always great when you can experience something for one week that you could never afford to live.

We played on the beach.

We swam in the pool.

We visited a lavender farm.

We tasted (and bought) wine from Summerhill, Cedar Creek and See Ya Later Ranch.

We went cherry picking.

We ran through sprays of water.

And then it was over. Almost.

Subjecting the boys to the longest road trip they'd ever been on, we travelled south along the lake and valley through Peachland, Pentiction, OK Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos. Then east over the major passes through Grand Forks, Christina Lake, Castlegar, and Creston. Back north through Cranbrook to the family cabin in Fairmont. One night there to catch our collective breaths, then back home.

In all, over 1600km was driven. And I learned that my boys are way more resilient in the car than I thought they would ever be.

Friday, July 24, 2009


We're off on holidays tomorrow, after our nephew's christening. Fairmont and Kelowna await us. We look forward to blue lakes, green mountains, trying to spot Ogopogo, and returning with a trunk full of wine. Hopefully the skies won't be too smoky (those poor people who've had to leave their homes!)

I haven't stayed in Kelowna for an length of time since I was a child. I'm excited to experience it with my boys. I remember the excitement of the waves and the beach, the waterslides and pools...things we never saw in Calgary. Even the food that seemed to taste so different, even though it was still my Mum cooking it. And those little boxes of cereal. Those were the only times I was allowed to have sugary cereal.

It seems we're having a busy summer (birthdays, reunion, babies), and I look forward to posting pictures when we return.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This weekend my brother-in-law and his wife asked me to be Godmother to their third son.

Hubs is Godfather to their second son. Hubs brothers are our sons Godfathers. His sisters-in-law are their Godmothers.

We like to keep things in the family.

I'm really excited. And honoured. Apparently I am the "Godliest of the sisters-in-law", according to them. Which makes me wonder about the other two...

I think it's safe to say I'm a semi-practicing, questioning Anglican. I was raised Anglican, and when I married a Ukrainian-Catholic, there was never a question of me 'switching sides'. He knew.

When you're young, you don't generally question the faith you're raised in, if any. You follow your parents to church, attend Sunday School, get involved. Though, it may not be a big part of your world - it never was for me, my extra-curricular activities often fell on Sundays as I got older.

As I went out in the world, I met new, different people, was exposed to new experiences, and as my experience grew, my ability to question, defend, see multiple sides did too. Things that I was never exposed to growing up now made sense and were attractive to me. I was able to bring them closer and unite them with my own core belief, often enhancing it. I have been able to reconcile that I may not be a textbook Anglican (or Christian, even), but my faith is a reflection of what I hold dear.

My support for my Godson will be in the same way. He will be raised with a strong faith base. But I will encourage him to find his way on his own, to bring closer that which he draws strength from, and to recognize that each person's faith should be unique.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hollywood, Da da-da-da-da, Hollywood

A few weeks ago hubs and I accompanied my parents, brother, and his in-laws down to Los Angeles to attend the Ellsbeth CD release party. My sister-in-law (my brother's wife) is the lead singer and she's been down there for years pursuing this.

Shan, sweetie, I am so proud, and excited, and giddy, and things I can't even put words to. You chased your dream. You knew what you wanted and you worked for it.

You blew us away on the 23rd. You rocked, you wailed. And now, as I listen to your (first!) CD it takes me back to L.A. - watching you on that stage, meeting your bandmates for the first time, seeing your life down there.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. For L.A., for Hollywood, for Fred's, for the Magic Castle, for Galaxy Theatre.

P.S. the boys can't wait to come down and see Auntie Shan, who knows Spiderman!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gray Clouds

I'm looking out the window of my office and I can see gray clouds coming in from the west. It's been gloomy here lately, but I think it's pretty timely.

Last week we had to lay off four people from our office, including one of my direct reports. I was not involved in the decision, nor was I responsible for telling him. The pain on my boss' face was hard enough, and I can't imagine having to go through that...or put someone else through that.

There's times when you let people go and once the deed is done, there's some relief. They didn't perform well, created a toxic atmosphere, or any other reason why you may want them gone.

Then there's the ones that you don't want gone. It comes down to needing to eliminate a certain number of positions, and all else being equal, a case of last in, first out. To put it bluntly, it really sucks. You offer to pass along leads, offer to write letters of reference, tell them to stay in touch. But the relationship is never the same. And in an industry that's like a small town, it's awkward and heartbreaking...you see siblings and spouses on the street, parents in meetings.

But, we move on. And hope for better opportunities for them, companies where they will thrive, even more so than they did here. As the industry cautiously climbs once again, from the depths, as it has so many times in the past, they will be better equipped to deal with the future than the lucky ones.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

People! Honestly!

Yes, these were the words that came out of my mouth as I tried to drive to work today. Downtown Calgary, during rush hour, can be pretty bad. Though I'm certain it isn't nearly as bad as say, Vancouver or Toronto, or any of those giant U.S. cities. Calgary, however, as long as you pay attention and know where you want to go, can actually be pretty easy.

It's when people are stupid that the whole system messes up.

Yep, I said it. Stupid.

I know, in some homes I would be admonished. I may get a stern word, a warning.

I don't care.

Twice in the space of two right-hand turns to get around the block to the parkade (we have a lot of one-way streets, which necessitates going in circles) the minivan two cars in front of me decided to make a right hand turn from the middle lane. Across the right-hand lane. In front of the car there. Into its lane. There must not have been enough windows on the van. They probably couldn't see all the cars around them.



Then, as I was getting my coffee (managing to spill it all over my hand in the process), some well-dressed, young gentleman (and I'm using this term loosely here) decided to stand right in front of the cream and sugar while he chatted to his buddy. Mind you, he had no coffee. No tea. Nothing resembling a hot drink in his hand. Never mind that three people are trying to get to the cream, sugar, lids and napkins around him.

Clueless. And inconsiderate.

What is it with people? Am I just getting old? Is it too much to ask for people to be slightly aware of what's going on around them?

That's my rant for the morning. I'm done now. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest. I appreciate that.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How Do You Not Laugh?

Last night I was trying to get my older son to sleep. As a rubbed his back, he informed me that Grandma was going to pick him up from the dayhome the next day.

Me: But sweetie, Grandma's far, far, far away.

(Snow-birding in New Zealand to be precise.)

Son: Yes, she's in the mountains, looking at snakes.

Me: Looking at snakes, really?

Son: Yes, but the snakes are going to eat her.

Me: But won't Dido help her?

(FYI, Dido (and variations) is Ukrainian for grandfather.)

Son: Yes, Dido will save her. Dido has wings. Like Buzz Lightyear. And Parp.

Me: Parp? You mean Warp?

(Sorry, no link that doesn't have to do with nuclear physics. Just trust me on this one.)

Son: Yes, Horp.

Me: Wwwwwarp.

Son: Yes, Warp.


So, today I e-mailed my dad and asked him how long has he had wings, and why did he never tell us? Really, I'm feeling a little put out by this.