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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Look Better in the Shade

Cars, cars, cars.

Estimates of how many cars were there ranged from just under 900 to around 1,100, depending on who you talked to. Due to the terrain and the flora, I have yet to find a good spot to take a picture of the whole event. However, the local paper usually has a good view.

The driving range of the Radium Springs Golf Course was turned into a parking lot for one day, and they sure packed 'em in. We were right near the 150 yard marker (well, my Dad and Hubs were). My father drove out his blue 1957 Chevrolet BelAir convertible, while Hubs drove out his brother's Corvette (Z06, I believe). One of those orange-brown-metallic-bronze colours that's hard to describe, and I can never remember the factory name for it. My Corvette, having come down with a case of "Dead-As-A-Doorknob Battery" Syndrome was left at my parents' home. A new battery for a leisure car is not in our budget this year.

My brother-in-law's Corvette.

Trying to be artistic.

My brother drove up Dad's Mid-Life Crisis, but arrived late and was near the back of the driving range. I never made it over to take a picture.

My Mum and I took the boys for a couple of hours to see all the cars. Beautiful paint jobs, gelato, gorgeous weather and scenery, friendly and fun people. Although, next year I will opt out and stay home with the boys. It's not fun trying to keep a four and two year old from touching the pretty cars. And the owners kind of frown on it too (unless you're naked). But, oh, wow, the attention to detail on some of these beauties. (And now, Blogger has decided that my photo-add button should stop working.)

Saw a great baby tee though, at one of the kiosks:

"I spent 9 months renovating my womb and the family kicked me out!"

Priceless. I wish I had seen that when my boys were small enough for it to be cute.

We also celebrated my brother's birthday, and his wife came up from L.A. for the weekend. A nice little family reunion (sans my brother's daughter) in the mountains.

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