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Monday, February 2, 2009

How Do You Not Laugh?

Last night I was trying to get my older son to sleep. As a rubbed his back, he informed me that Grandma was going to pick him up from the dayhome the next day.

Me: But sweetie, Grandma's far, far, far away.

(Snow-birding in New Zealand to be precise.)

Son: Yes, she's in the mountains, looking at snakes.

Me: Looking at snakes, really?

Son: Yes, but the snakes are going to eat her.

Me: But won't Dido help her?

(FYI, Dido (and variations) is Ukrainian for grandfather.)

Son: Yes, Dido will save her. Dido has wings. Like Buzz Lightyear. And Parp.

Me: Parp? You mean Warp?

(Sorry, no link that doesn't have to do with nuclear physics. Just trust me on this one.)

Son: Yes, Horp.

Me: Wwwwwarp.

Son: Yes, Warp.


So, today I e-mailed my dad and asked him how long has he had wings, and why did he never tell us? Really, I'm feeling a little put out by this.

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