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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I live...

So this is what my blog looks like.

Yes, it's been a while. No, no excuses, no reasons.

Life happens, right?

We now have painted wall, lino and carpet in our basement. The doors have been hung and the baseboards have been cut and are anxiously waiting for their bare hides to be painted.

The flu hit. Not pretty, won't say any more.

We had a garage sale. Yay! More stuff gone.

Hubs took me went shopping for work clothes yesterday. I am terrible at buying clothes. He literally has to throw stuff at me from the racks, and actually his taste is pretty nice. However, I am not comfortable at my current weight, and hate spending a lot of money on clothes that I plan on falling out of in a few months. (Trust me, if I'm happy with the way I look, I can spend with the best of them)

So, a suit, linen pants, a skirt, two blouses and a pair of jeans later, hubs was satisfied and I can at least go to work for a few days without wearing the same thing twice in a row.

Why jeans?

Why the Calgary Stampede, of course! The week I return to work will be filled with pancake breakfasts, BBQ lunches, corporate events and general debauchery in the after-work hours.

Good times, good times...


Kami said...

I know what you mean, I felt like that about buying clothes post baby too. I finally am back to a size where I can spend spend spend.

But maybe that's not a good thing?


Kristi said...

I agree with you. I watch "What Not To Wear" quite a bit, and Clinton and Stacy always recommend dressing the shape you have, not the one you WISH you had, but, like you, I can't see spending money on clothes you know won't fit in a few months.