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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Le Mont Saint-Michel

Can you tell I'm feeling nostalgic for France?

Last year at this time we were pulling away from this place:

Le Mont Saint-Michel, France
Off the coast of Normandy, it's an abbey built on a granite rock that is separated from the mainland when the tide is really high. The walled town built up around it, spiraling up the sides of the rock. You can park outside the wall and walk in, poke around the village and tour the abbey.

We had decided early on to stay the night, as we had heard the atmosphere is magical when all the tourists head back to the nearby hotels across the causeway that has been built. We booked ourselves into a little hotel, packed what we needed into the lightest bag we had, and walked into the town and up the five flights of stairs to our room.

That evening was spent touring the abbey at dusk, enjoying musicians playing in various rooms. The next morning we went back to the abbey to snap some photos in daylight, and poked around the shops. I bought my copper bowl for beating egg whites. It was at about this time Hubs decided he was not taking enough advantage of all the crepe stands, and decided to not pass another one the whole trip without ordering a crepe.

Random tree, outside wall of abbey

Like most of what we saw in France, we loved this place, and I hope to return one day and bring the boys.

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