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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Falling Into Quiet

I feel like summer has been crazy. Crazy!

Selling, buying, packing, moving (home).

Moving, selling, learning, integrating (work).

Shuttling, registering, supplying, feeding (boys).

I'm grateful September has arrived. Everyone is signed up for the activities that will take us through the next few months. I am putting out fewer fires, and am able to look beyond tomorrow.

I'm a planner. I'm almost obsessive about it. Flying by the seat of my pants stresses me out incredibly.

E started Grade 1 last week. I'm dealing with the public school system in our city for the first time since I left it in Grade 3. We moved that summer to a new jurisdiction, and I'm learning they ARE different. But, I'm enjoying not paying private school tuition, for one child at least!

Dancing has started up again too. E had his placement class, so we'll find out next week who his instructor is. S will have his first lesson next week. Between them dancing, Hubs sitting on the Board, and me trying to start up the Alumni association, we will be well acquainted with the studio this year I think.

And so, as the nights turn cooler, we have come sliding into our routine. I'm feeling a bit dusty from it, but have picked myself up, and am in the process of brushing off.

(I even went shopping the other day! By myself! And bought things for me! That hasn't happened in years!)

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