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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Middle of the Night...

...and I'm wide awake with an earache.

I haven't had an ear infection since I was a child and I don't remember the pain being like this.

I've been suffering from a sinus cold since Friday. Today I was finally starting to feel normal again, being able to breathe somewhat regularly through my nose again, when I over-did it trying to get some of that crap out of my sinuses. Something popped in my ear and the pain has been steadily getting worse. I was able to fall asleep for a little while, but woke up hot and uncomfortable. And, of course, now, I can't get back to sleep. I normally do not take medications, especially when breastfeeding, but this week I've been adding Advil Cold & Sinus to my diet (minimal amounts, of course) and have now just taken two Tylenols. It will be interesting to see how this works, considering half of a Tylenol would be my normal pain-relief dose.

I'm considering climbing back into bed to try to sleep again, but I'm sure the baby will be up in an hour to nurse, and I'm tempted to just wait up for him.

Thank goodness I'm going to the doctor tomorrow anyway with my son.


Mimi said...

Oh, I did that to my ear in February. The pain *IS* incredible, isn't it? (Worse, I then got on three airplanes ...) When I went to the doctor, she said, "oh yeah, that really hurts, eh? It'll get better in two or three weeks"


I hope you get better WAY faster than that.

Maya said...

I hope you feel better! That has to hurt!!!