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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 30 - Some Progress

So, today is officially Day 30 of my decluttering journey. While I never got off the boat, there were some days I was barely hanging on. Those small victories included making sure the daily paper made it into the recycle bin by bedtime, and keeping on top of all the drawings that the boys bring home with them.

Some larger victories included cleaning out my inbox on my home computer, transferring my files from two, not very handy boxes to a real filing cabinet, and getting the shelf food storage organized (thanks sweetie!)

The next step? How do I move from a 30-day journey to a period of intense house clearing? Well, one of my tools will be my Freedom List as Paula would call it, but if you go to her next post, you'll see it's about more than just a physical to-do list, it's about emotional and mental to-do's as well. My freedom list will range from the small (mend my son's jeans) to the large (clean out the storage room).

We went and looked at a house yesterday with our realtor. We're not at the buying point yet, we still have to go through all the other stuff first, like talking to the bank, getting our house ready, and selling it (this is one point I will not move on). But, we've set the process in motion.

Much of the next few months for us will be focused around decluttering our physical space and (for me, anyway) getting past the emotional attachment to this space. We brought both boys home to this house. We've been here for eight years (I've never lived in a house much longer than eight years). Right now I know it's time to pass it on and let someone else build their memories in it. But when the time comes for that to actually happen, I need to remember that and believe it.

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Kami said...

You go, girl! I get all angsty and sweaty just THINKING about de-cluttering my house. And it's not MY clutter, it's my husband's. But there's just So. Much. Of. It!