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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ready, Set...

So, three pages later, I have the Freedom List for our upstairs and main floor. I have yet to do the basement, and am, really, quite dreading it. Downstairs is where the boys' toys are. Downstairs is where the storage room is (shudder). Downstairs is the laundry room.

But, it needs to be done.

Certain events are in motion, and barring a really bad meeting next Wednesday, those events will kick into high gear. I'd like to be semi-prepared.

And if not, some of it still needs to be done. We, apparently, are really bad at getting rid of things. And it's not just physical clutter, it's the mental clutter that goes along with all the little things that need to get done around a house. That towel bar that needs replacing, the curtain that needs to be re-hung, those pants that need mending. It all takes up a little part of the mind until it's done, nagging you, yet consistently put off. Easy things that never seem to be addressed.

It's frustrating, and I'm tired of it. We're always tired at the end of the week. I'm not complaining or making excuses. Everyone is in the same boat. It's how we choose to deal with it that makes a difference, and obviously in our house, something is not working. We need to address that, make the change, and give it a solid shot. Otherwise we're back where we started.

Frustrated by all of it.

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Paula Onysko said...

I need to make my way to your blog more often! Love all the knitting pictures. WOW!

Yes, the Freedom List is overwhelming. Once it's made you really need to use it only as a reference and pull a few things off it into your weekly list. Otherwise the masses of paper can be paralyzing.

I am so delighted you are embracing the freedom list. I crossed off one thing from my list yesterday. And it was such a celebration! Love and hugs, Paula