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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Broken Rib Cardigan

Pattern: Broken Rib Cardigan by Debbie Bliss, Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease thick & Quick in Wood
Would you believe this is the fourth project I ever started? Like my Mum, my thought process was 'go big or go home' (her first knitting project ever was a sweater).

It's a cardigan for Hubs. To warm him up in the winter. For cozying up at home or at the cabin. It's already close to two years old and I'm still working on it. For a few reasons:

  •  It's huge. At 6'2", Hubs is a big guy, and hence needs a substantial sweater.
  • It's repetitive. Two rows to know.
  • I'm on the sleeves and the shaping scares me.
  • I haven't found appropriate buttons yet, which means I can't get going on one of the front panels.

 So far, I've finished the back and one front panel. I'm 3/4 through one sleeve. So, I'm technically over 50% done, but considering I pick it up once a month to work on, there's still a long way to go!
(Apologies for the poor picture. This was one of my first cracks and photographing my knitting, and I also had to grab the picture back off Ravelry because I'm on a different computer.)
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pinkundine said...

Hey, at least it is getting worked on, even if it is slowly ;) Don't be scared by the shaping - just take it one stitch at a time! I don't know if you swatched for it, but I find taking my swatch (or a scrap of the yarn) when button shopping helps immensely!

RugbyMad said...

Oh I love the idea of taking the swatch with, but I actually don't swatch, oh am giving away my bad secrets and I take the FO with me to choose buttons. I love that pattern and am planning on making it for my Dad next year for his father's day present.

Iam impressed that you are making an tall hubby a cardi, I can't bring myself to make one for my hubby who is the same.

Chrisknits said...

Keep at it, it will get there eventually.

Minding My Own Stitches said...

My first project was also a sweater - mine was for my brother. We ended up calling it the incredibly huge sweater. LOL

Hopefully yours works out better. A very nice pattern and yarn choice.

Interesting ideas about bringing a swatch along for shopping. But that only works if you swatched in the first place :)