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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And The End Is In Sight

A few weeks ago hubs and I started decluttering our basement. It's amazing what we have managed to accumulate in 7 years of marriage. We moved into this house 5 years ago, and some boxes were never unpacked, my excuse being the lack of closet and cupboard space for storage.

I no longer have that excuse, as we now have sufficient cabinets, sideboards and bookshelves to make up for the lack of storage. (OK, I still have nowehere to put the towels for the second bathroom...) However, as hubs put it the other day, our basement looks like our storage shelves threw up. I get twitchy when I go down there to feed the cat or do laundry.

So, the adventure began...and just let me say...THANK GOODNESS for curbside recycling! You know those big boxes that your kid's high chairs came in? We've got 2 of those filled with paper recycling. 3 bags of glass spaghetti sauce jars and 1 bag of metal lids. I mean, I like making soup and sauce from scratch to freeze for future meals, but 50 jars worth? I don't think so. Plus, a few bags of plastic recycling. Ugh. Just the thought of it.

The act of cleaning it up has definitely made me feel lighter. It will feel even better when we start hauling that stuff (I should call it crap) out of there. And when we have the garage sale in the spring, I will be joyous!

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