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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Glue, Paper and Stamps, Oh My!

So, as a fundraiser for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer I make Christmas cards to sell to friends and family. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mum, Gill, Jenny, Janet, Tavia, Evelyn, Suzanne and Joan for purchasing cards from me and a big thank you to Morgan for helping me with some lovely creations and for donating some of her supplies! I was able to put $180 towards my goal this year! I'm almost halfway to my $3500 fundraising goal.

I'm really looking forward to doing this year's walk as I missed last year's, having just given birth. It's one of the most powerful, moving experiences I've taken part in. I'm excited to be walking this year with my friend and neighbour, Lara.

I know so many people who have been affected by cancer...all types. Young and old. I think there's very few of us who could say cancer hasn't touched us in some way. This is my small way of helping out and bringing awareness to the efforts of finding a cure, teaching prevention and easing suffering.

Now, hopefully it warms up enough to start outdoor training seriously, because I am not setting foot in a mall until Christmas is over!


Maya said...

That's a wonderful way to raise money! Good for you!

odd facts said...


Tracey said...

You go girl! Awesome.