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Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Last night we let the night air into our bedroom. It has been unseasonably warm here lately and it feels as though spring is on the way. So this morning, with vigour and excitement, I started spring cleaning. I started in our bedroom. About an hour in, I realized that it's going to take some time. But I'm willing to persevere. I could not believe how good it felt to declutter and organize. I didn't even get to the actual cleaning part today. Babies don't nap that long. I haven't actually finished organizing our room yet, I still have the closet to tackle. But, even with what I did get done, I was so excited for hubs to come home and be in awe of all my hard work.

I am a little frustrated that our budget is so tight I really shouldn't go buy shelving and nice boxes for the closets and cabinets to help with the organizing part of it, but those will come in time.

Just out of our bedroom, I found 1 large garbage bag full of clothes to donate to the Cerebral Palsy Association, and 8 books to take to the used bookstore, plus several small baby items to donate and give away.

I think I'll start documenting the process in pictures. How satisfying would that be?


Maya said...

I need to start some spring cleaning! Budget's stink...ugh! But they're a fact of life.

Mimi said...

Yay! I loooooove organizing, almost as I love buying new boxes and shelves and such. But isn't it just FANTASTICALLY gratifying to fill up garbage bags full of things that you no longer need, and that might be of use to someone else?

The spring purge: when my closet is lighter, my soul is lighter ...