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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Are your impressions of strangers' behaviour coloured by materialistic things?

On my way to work today, on a single lane road, I was in front of a Porsche. Don't ask me what kind. A small sporty one, not one of the SUV's, that's all I know.

When our two cars pulled onto a wider road, now a two-lane, he pulled out from behind me, gunned his engine, and proceeded to zoom past me. Only to come to a stop in front of me at a red light. I had not been driving particularly slowly.


That's what I thought, anyway.

Then, sitting at the red light, I reflected for a moment. Is he automatically a show-off because he's in a fancy sports car? What if he had been in a beater (Young Punk??), or a car like mine?

What would my impression have been then?

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3LittleMonkeys said...

I would think the same thing....regardless of the car though! And I would automatically think it was a man driving it!