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Friday, January 7, 2011

30 Days of Decluttering

I am excited to be joining my friends Paula on her latest project, 30 Days of Decluttering. Starting January 9th, the challenge is to declutter one item from our home every day. Since one of our goals this year is to put our house up for sale in the spring, and find a new home to live in, this is a perfect fit. And to be doing it with a dear friend makes me that much more accountable. I've followed Paula's journeys before, and she has such a thoughtful way about her that makes them so enjoyable, and allows for so much growth.

My plan is to share the journey with you as well. Look forward to stories! artistic photos! poetry! OK, maybe not poetry, but I do hope to make this a creative process as well.

So, here's to Sunday! A fresh start!

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Paula said...

I'm exciting to see what unfolds for both of us! And BTW, keep writing Debbie. I love reading your thoughts. They are honest, insightful, funny... and I'm sure freeing. Hugs, Paula