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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Decluttering - Day 9

Last night was a night of decluttering the already decluttered. Heehee.

Last week I managed to walk into a store that did not contain yarn and needles (although I did walk into one of those, too) and purchased a couple of portable files for the boys' school work. They each have 14 dividers, so they're perfect for everything from preschool up to Grade 12. Unless they turn out to be interested in art or architecture or drafting, at which point I will probably have to purchase a portfolio.

Anyway, those drawers I cleaned out last week? Well, those got tackled...again...and everything that was a keeper was put into the appropriate place in the file. With those drawers now empty, I was able to organize all their books and workbooks.

Which brings me to a question...do you keep all your childrens' books as they grow up? Do you sell some, pass some on, donate some? How do you decide? Do you let them help you clear them out?

I'm not sure I'm ready to get rid of any of their books yet, even though I know they've grown past some of them. The thing is...they're books. And lots of books is never a bad thing, right?

Oh yeah, and I cleaned out my inbox on my computer. Not quite the chore I thought it would be.

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Kami said...

Thanks for coming back after all this time! And your words of encouragement :)
I haven't yet cleaned out any of G's books...though she only has 3 years worth, she has A LOT of books. But so do I. I never get rid of books. So...probably not. Guess that guest room will have to be made over into a library someday!